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Contemporary Artists

Bailarina by Godoy.
Lost-wax bronze sculpture in red-gold patina, signed, numbered 1/8, 
and dated 2006, signed R.V Godoy.
 22" high x 8.75" long x 5.25" wide, with documentation. 
Foundry: Atelier du Bronze, Inverness, Quebec, Canada.
Note: This copy of Bailarina has been sold, but we have #2 of 8 now in the Galerie, in an aged gold patina.

 Harvest Treat by Sandra Eames 
of Woodstock, Vermont, oil paint on canvas, 11.5" x 15.5" (sight), signed and dated 2006.
Sandra Eames helped a neighbor feed her black Angus cattle one day. The meal included an annual treat of pumpkins, and Sandra was moved to paint the excitement and joy these animals displayed.
Sandra excels at animal portraits, and will accept commissions.
  Camden Hills (North Haven, Maine) by Perry T. Bartles 
of Etna, New Hampshire, oil paint on canvas, 14" x 18",
 signed and dated June, 2005.

Welcoming the Sun by Sandra Olivera.
Lost-wax bronze sculpture with black patina, signed and dated 1998, edition of eight with one artist's proof, 17" high x 6.5" long x 15" wide, with documentation. Foundry: Atelier du Bronze, Inverness, Quebec.
Maxi, Stay by Sandra Eames.
8" x 10", oil paint on canvas, 2006, signed.
Maxi is one of Sandra's companions and often a subject of her art.
Sugar House (Barnard, Vermont) by Sandra Eames.
12" x 16", oil paint on canvas, 2006, signed.
Sandra liked this view because it shows two seasons at once, the lingering winter on the hills and the arrival of spring along the river.
Winter Shadows (Vermont) by Sandra Eames.
9" x 12", oil paint on canvas, 2006, signed.
Sandra captures the beauty and silence one finds in Vermont in deep winter.
Photography by Jean Bruneau,  Please inquire for his contact information.
Photography by Jean Bruneau of Montreal.
Godoy, The End
Oil paint and three-dimensional mixed media on canvas, 2007. 
20" x 16", unframed.

Godoy, The Wind of Liberty,
bronze sculpture, #1 of an edition of eight, each copy with a unique colored patina. This one is in midnight and gold. 15.5" H x 4.5"W, on a square base of 5.5". Signed Godoy, dated 2007 and numbered 1/8, with the foundry mark of Atelier du bronze, Inverness, Quebec.
For prices and availability contact: or ((802) 356-7112
Sandra Eames
Ewe and Lamb, 2008
Oil paint on canvas, 12" x 16"", plus frame.
Woodstock, Vermont artist.
Sandra Eames,
Out To Pasture, 2008
Oil paint on canvas, 12" x 9", plus frame.

Sandra Eames,
Autumn Solitaire, 2007
Oil paint on canvas, 8" x 10", plus frame.

Perry T. Bartles
California Road, 2007
Oil paint on canvas, 18" x 18", plus artist's black outline frame.

John Pirano (d. 2003, fl. 1964-2003)
New York State, New England regional artist.
November Village Bridge, New Hampshire, c. 1990.
Acrylic paint on Masonite panel, 12" x 16", plus frame.
Pirano painted scenes from Nature in an Impressionistic style.

John Pirano (fl. 1964-2003, Adirondack Park)
Autumn Twins, c. 1990
Acrylic paint on Masonite panel, 8" x 10", plus frame.

John Pirano (fl. 1964-2003)
Boulders in the Stream, Adirondack Park.
Acrylic paint on Masonite panel, 8" x 10", plus frame.

John PIrano (fl. 1964-2003)
Adirondack Stream, c. 1990.
Acrylic paint on Masonite panel, 12" x 14" plus frame.

Lawrence Forbes-Wolfe, A Brief Skirmish, 2000,
Oil paint on pine panel, in vintage frame.
8" x 10", plus 2" frame.

Sandra Eames, My Living Room
oil paint on canvas, 2009, 
8” x 12”, plus 3” good frame.
Vermont contemporary artist.

Reflexion, Angela Caille, 2005, oil on canvas, Montreal.
Sandra Eames, California Dreamin’
oil paint on canvas, 2010, 12” x 9”, plus 2” good frame. 
Vermont contemporary artist.
Impressionist marble sculpture by Irene Koldorf, Threesome, 
of seated figures embracing, 
mounted on a black hard composition base, 
artist's label underneath, c. 1970-1980.
 Excellent condition, 11"H (overall) x 8"W x 7"D.
The Dancers by Dottie S. Dorion, 
Large Acrylic on Canvas 2006.
 Dorion is noted for her bold use of color and strong sense of motion. 
She has two studios, one in Vermont, the other in Florida.
4'3"H x 5"W

Venice I and Venice II by Lief Nilsson, oil paint on panels,1995.
Contemporary America Impressionist artist.
19"H x 15"W x 1.25"D, each overall framed size. 
The artist makes his owm frames,

Sandra Eames  
On the Prayer Rug, 2008
Oil paint on canvas
11"H x 14"W x 1.25"D in artist-selected frame.
Woodstock, Vermont artist.
Rinocerontes, Sergio Sanchez Santamaria, 
wood engraving on art paper, #5 of 10, 
the artist's homage to his hero Albrecht Durer,
in modern wooden frame and archival mounting under museum glass.
Mexico, 2010,
copywrite Ellen Waitzkin.
American Girl, large photographic print by Ellen Waitzkin, 1/1,
 artist-printed on French Platine art paper in artist's custom frame.
35"H x 54"W
Contemporary New England artist
The Unknown Companion by Michael Jermyn,
 photograph on art paper in limited edition, 2010.
Contemporary Vermont artist
copywrite Michael Jermyn
The End of Summer, Photographic  Print by Michael T. Jermyn, 2007,
6/100, in artist-selected frame. 22.5" x 19.5"" x 0.85" overall size.
A unique and important Vermont impressionist-photographer.
Titled, signed and dated in pencil along the bottom.

The Ending Of, Acrylic on found burlap mat and frame, 

Godoy, Montreal, 2007