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Grand Tour Souvenirs

Nineteenth century and early twentieth century bronze or bronze-coated white metal tourist souvenirs from European museums and historic sites. 

Venus di Milo,
 17" bronze figure after the antique, with signature of the Louvre Museum, circa1890-1914.
 Brown patina.  SOLD.
8-1/4" bronze figure signed "Guillemin" on a 1-1/2" marble base, 
second half nineteenth century. 
Black patina.
 by Frederick George Richard Roth,
 a bronze figure dated 1916 and signed by Gorham Foundry, with a brown patina. 27"H x 17"L .
 Donald was a sire of  the Lippitt line of pure Vermont Morgan horses, and helped save the breed. Roth was the chief sculptor for the New York City Parks department, who did many animal sculptures in the parks and the Bronx Zoo.  
Three Putti, 
two with Cult of Bacchus top-knots,  all in bronze over white metal, black patina, 4-3/4" high. Continental, circa 1890-1910.
Artemis bathing,
 in bronze after the antique,  
black patina, 
10-1/2" high. Continental, circa 1860-1890.  SOLD.
Faune Borghese (dancing satyr) 
after the antique, in bronze over white metal, black patina, on a black marble base, 10" high. Continental, circa 1890-1910.
 after the antique in the Naples Museum, 
in bronze over white metal, 
11-1/2" high. 
Continental, circa 1890-1910.
Bust of Joan of Arc, in bronze, with brown patina, on a red marble pedestal, 7" high. Continental, circa 1880-1900.  SOLD
Bust of Napoleon in bronze, with brown patina, on a red marble pedestal, 7" high. Continental, c. 1880-1900.
Bust of Emperor Claudius 
after the antique, 
in bronze with green patina, 
on a white marble socle, 
6" high. 
Continental, circa 1870-1900.

 after Michelangelo, in bronze
,with black patina, 
on a plinth base, 11" high.
 Continental, circa 1890-1910.

The Borgese Gladiator in bronze, after the antique, 11" high, signature of Berlin foundry: "Alt-Gesell. Gludenbeck. Berlin", nineteenth century. Excellent black patina. Crisp and detailed casting.
Photography by Jean Bruneau of Montreal.
"Standing Woman" by Alexander Archipenko, American sculptor and teacher born in Ukraine (1887-1964), in bronze with green patina, signed and dated 1917, later casting circa 1950-60. Excellent patina. 13"H on a 1-3/8" marble base. Archipenko was praised for his use of negative space.
Discus Thrower
after the antique, 
5" high, bronze over white metal, 
Continental 1870-1910.
Olympic athlete scraping olive oil after a meet, 5" bronze over white metal after the antique. Rare subject. Continental 1870-1910. SOLD.
Apollon du Belvedere
after the original  in the Vatican Museum, 
5-1/2" high, bronze over white metal.
Appeal to the Great Spirit, 
a table-top model
after the original Cyrus Dallin (1861-1944) life-sized sculpture in front of 
the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 
brown-patinated bronze, - circa 1914-25.
8"H x 6.5"L.

Perseus with the head of Medusa, after the antique, bronze over white metal, 5"H. Continental, circa 1890-1914


Female Bust, bronze with black and gold patina,
by Harriette Miller, 
signed and dated 1925, #2 of 6, and with foundry mark: 
"A. Valsuani cire perdu". 
Miller was a founding member of the Southern Vermont Artists Guild, which is still vital. 
5" H.

Figure-mounted Second French Empire mantel clock
​in black-patinated bronze,
with bronze ormolu mounts and red marble detailing.  
Napoleon III reign, 1852-70.
The figure depicts Minerve holding a laurel wreath in non-military attire.
She represents Napoleon III, bringer of perpetual peace.
Exquisite hand-engraving and etching and attention to detail.
Atlantic Salmon Galvanized Steel Fishmonger's Sign

Realistic life-sized model of an Atlantic Salmon in hammered, 
cut and shaped galvanized steel, with hand-made rivets and with painted highlights, mounted on two wooden dowels
 inserted into a hand-made galvanized steel base. 
This model was used in a fishmonger's window display 
in the early twentieth century in New England.
10.5"H (overall) x 3"D x 23"L.

Arts & Crafts Period Forged Iron Andirons,
hand-made of wrought and hammered iron, 
featuring diamond tops, with scrolls, diamonds, straps and loops along the square shafts, on half-heart shaped legs with scrolled feet. 
1880-1900, 28"H x 28"D x 16"W
Pair of Spanish Modernist Aluminum & Brass Sand-Cast Candlesticks,
early 20th Century, in asymmetrical abstract form
 in the style of Barcelona Modernism.
9.24"H and 10.5"H x 4.5"W.
"Callipygian Venus", grand tour souvenir bronze figure 
after the Roman antique from the 1st Century BC, 
with a black patina. 
Italy, circa 1870-1900
Grand Tour Souvenir bronze figure of Mercury,
 after the antique. 
Fine black patina.
Italy circa 1865-1890
8.5"H x 7.5"W x 5"D

Grant Tour Souvenir bronze figure of Discobulus 
after the antique sculpture by Myron. 
Black patina over cast bronze.
 Italy, circa 2860-2880.
5,25"H x 3.23"W x 1.75"D