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Toy Soldiers and Civilians

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Britains Set #1349, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Regulation Summer Dress, four troopers and one officer all on galloping horses, circa 1945-1960. Good condition, with minor paint loss.
Britains Set #2055, Confederate Cavalry, four troopers on trotting horses and one officer on a cantering horse, circa 1945-1960. Good condition, with minor paint wear.
Britains Set #1257, Yeomen of the Guard (Beefeaters), eight yeomen in Tudor uniforms, and one officer in a scarlet waistcoat and black cocked hat with white plume, circa 1945-1960. Good condition, with minor paint wear.
Britains Set #2059 , Union Infantry in Assorted Positions: one bugler, one standard bearer, one officer with drawn sword and firing pistol, and four riflemen in various poses including a kneeling rifleman firing, circa 1945-1960. Good condition, with minor paint wear.
Britains Set #142, French Zouaves charging with fixed bayonets, eight pieces complete, issued without officer 1930-53. Good condition, with minor paint wear.
Birtains Set #101, Mounted Band of the Life Guards, in State Dress..

Britains Royal Welsh Fusiliers with officer and mascot, post-World War II. Excellent condition. No box.
From our collection of Britains Zoo and Circus ranges.
Part of our assembled set of Britains hunt figures.
Representative figures from our collection of the Britains Farm and Garden ranges.
Photograph by Jean Bruneau.
Children SOLD
​Britains Set #2067 
The Sovereign's Standard of the Life Guards and Escorts
 (issued at the Coronation of Elizabeth II, and made 1953-1960). 
Seven Pieces:
 1 Trumpeter in State Dress, 1 Standard Bearer, 
1 Horse Guard with Sword, 2 Life Guards with Swords, 
1 Life Guard Farrier, 1 Horse Guard Farrier.
A sampling of our ever-changing stock
Mignot French Revolution Volunteers,
 Set of Twelve, officer and standard bearer in white pants, drummer and nine troops in red and blue striped white trousers,
The bases are painted in a greyish tan, and which are imprinted Made In France underneath, c. 1945-55.
Britains Set #224: Arabs on Horses, on Camels, and on Foot, with Palms,
Eleven Pieces: four marching at the slope, two on horseback, two on camels, one coconut  palm tree, two date palm trees.
England, c. 1945-59
Britains Set #164 Arabs on Horses. 
Four Pieces: 3 with muskets, 1 with scimitar.
 England, c. 1960-66.
Two 8-piece sets of Mignot Marines of the Line, 1808, c. 1950-60,
 and one figure from the series of oversize-battle-standard bearers,
 this one of the 
 1st Regiment of  Foot- Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard ,1812, c. 1960-70. 
No boxes.
Mignot 6-piece set Hussars (1808), c. 1950-60, no box: 
standard-bearer, bugler on dappled horse, four troopers with drawn swords.
​Britains Set #9419, The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery.
13 pieces:
 1 Officer  at Full Tilt, 4 Outriders at the gallop, 
6-horse team with 3 postilions, 1 limber, 1 gun.
 England, 1946-58, no box.
Britains Set #32, Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons), 
5 troopers as issued. No box. England, c. 1950-60 
Britains Set #2084, Colour Party of the Scots Guards
with 2 ensigns carrying the Queen's and Regimental colours,,
​and 4 colour sergeants marching at the slope 
with maroon sashes and gold chevrons.
Excellent condition, no box England 1954-59.

Britains Set #1901 Cape Town Highlanders, 
8 pieces: 1 officer with gloved hands and 7 troopers marching at the slope.
 Excellent condition, no box.
England, 1945-55.

Assembled vignette of World War I, all from Britains sets
​             and individual trees, a fallen tree, a shrubbery,                         and one Johillco shepherd dog, 
England, c. 1930-40.
(Some pieces of this vignette have been sold.)
​Two Riders and Camels from Britains Set #48, Egyptian Camel Corps, 1955-66, rare. 
Along with Britains #920 Date palm Tree, 1930-40.
Britains 6-Piece Complete Set of Black Watch Highlanders Charging
with Piper, in Feather Bonnets with Red Plumes, 1945-60, no box.
Britains Set #228, United States Marines
in Dress Uniforms,
8 Pieces Complete, 1946-60, no box. 
Britains 7-Piece Complete Set  #9162:
The King's African Rifles Marching at the Slope,
 c. 1960, no box.
Britains Assembled Set #147: Zulus of Africa,
8-pieces complete, 1945-60, no box.

Two Sets of Britains Set #77: Gordon Highlanders Marching at the Slope, with Pipers in Glengary Caps, 6-pieces each complete set, 
no boxes, 1948-66.
Mignot 5-piece complete set, Chasseurs 1809 (Light Infantry),
in dark green uniforms with red facings, with the bugler in reverse colors.
France, c. 1950-70, with original box.
Two sets available.
Britains 13-piece Assembled Grouping of the Detail Line 
of hand-painted hard plastic North American Indians on metal bases.
England, 1971

C.B.G. Mignot Dragons de la garde, on foot, with boxwith,
C.B.G. Mignot Dragons de la garde, mounted,
tied in box.
Assembled Fox Hunt Vignette of Vintage Britains Civilians.
Thirty pieces from various sets including
 "The Meet" and "The Hunt" and the farm and village series,
made between 1920 and 1960.

Britains Set #9401, Her Majesty's State Coach,
with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip being pulled by eight Windsor Greys directed by four liveried postilions. 
Includes the original box.
London, 1957-1963
Britains Set #37, Band, Coldstream Guards, 
the full contingent, tied into the original box.
London, 1940-1949.
Two sets of Britains Royal Canadian Mounted Policemen.
Set #1554, five pieces,  Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Summer Dress, Dismounted Marching
four troopers marching without weapons, one mounted officer turned in his saddle.
Set #1349, four pieces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Regulation Summer Dress, with Officer,
three troopers carrying rifles, one officer empty-handed on white horse.
Both sets were made in London between 1960 and 1966. No boxes.